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"Videos and Animations"

For his first solo project in France, Anthony Gross presents a rotating exhibition of 4 works. After two weeks the first 2 films and animations are replaced with new pieces using the exact same installation.

The films and animations all examine slippages of identity versus appearance. The works investigate this light heartedly and from different angles, with figures from films presented alongside fictional animated characters and objects.

The overall mood is of an experiment, a scientific inquiry where the sense of material and physical self is fractured and multiplied over time.

Parallelines’, 2003, video, won the prize for Best Multimedia at The Portobello Film Festival, London 2004 and this is its first presentation over two screens.

Animal Kids’, 2002, is a computer animation that had been presented previously at Art Basel Miami Beach.

From Here to Eternity II’, 2002, animation, has been shown at The Sharjah Biennial 6, UAE in 2003 whilst this is its first presentation projected over two screens.

Emerge’, video, was made at the same time as ‘Parallelines’ and is presented here for the first time.


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